Mitomel Printmaking

Premium etching presses and inking rollers. Hand-crafted in Australia, shipped world-wide.

Proudly based in Adelaide, Australia, Mitomel Printmaking is a boutique printmaking practice specializing in the design and manufacture of premium etching presses and inking rollers. Hand-crafted in Australia, shipped world-wide.


Mitomel Printmaking was founded by husband and wife team Emmanuel and Rhonda Diakomichalis in 1998 in Adelaide, South Australia. Long-time visual artist/printmaker Rhonda and highly experienced builder/engineer Emmanuel together sought to build a boutique printmaking practice specializing in hand-crafted, custom-built etching presses and inking rollers. Their first press remains in use to this day as the centerpiece of Rhonda’s printmaking studio.

Since then, Mitomel Printmaking has established a reputation worldwide for exceptional quality etching presses and inking rollers. Every press and inking roller is custom-designed and hand-assembled to exacting tolerances to suit individual needs using only premium quality, heavy-duty materials and components. Design excellence, precision engineering, high performance, and longevity define the benchmarks set by our presses and printmaking equipment.

Once assembled, inspected, and tested, the entire range of Mitomel Printmaking presses and printmaking equipment is packaged by hand and crated securely before we ship safely to all parts of the world. We stand behind the quality of our products to such a degree that our printmaking presses carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years.

Rather than offering an exhaustive list of products addressing all aspects of the printmaking process, we offer a boutique and highly curated range of presses and accessories. This allows us to better focus our research, development and production resources to ensure we continue to innovate with our processes and products, and are able to keep exceeding our clients’ expectation into the future.

We are so proud and feel privileged to be able to work personally and in collaboration with artists worldwide to produce printmaking equipment that will hopefully bring many years of enjoyment, satisfaction, and unbridled creativity.

We look forward to hearing from you soon - please feel free to give us a call on +61 414 349402 (Australia) or email us via our CONTACT page.

Happy printmaking!

Emmanuel and Rhonda

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