Mitomel Printmaking

Premium etching presses and inking rollers. Hand-crafted in Australia, shipped world-wide.

Proudly based in Adelaide, Australia, Mitomel Printmaking is a boutique printmaking practice specializing in the design and manufacture of premium etching presses and inking rollers. Hand-crafted in Australia, shipped world-wide.


Roller width: 330/400/500 mm
Diameter: 110/150/187 mm
Rollout: 345/470/588 mm


Roller width: 50/100/150/200 mm
Diameter: 57 mm
Rollout: 179 mm

Inking Rollers

In additional to our range of etching presses, Mitomel Printmaking also produces the world’s finest inking rollers and handheld brayers.

Both types of rollers - larger spindle inking rollers and smaller handheld brayer rollers - can be produced to a range of typical widths, diameters and roll-out distances. We are of course always happy to discuss custom dimensions to cater to any artist’s specific requirements.

The steel and aluminium core of all our rollers is custom-machined with the same precision workshop machinery and tools used to make our etching presses. Aluminum is ideal for this purpose due to its rigidity, light weight and corrosion resistance. 

This core is then clothed with a bespoke blend of highly durable, premium synthetic rubber. Following exhaustive research and trials, we found this rubber blend to provide the most consistent and durable inking surface available. We offer a variety of density options with a durometer range anywhere from 20-50. Typically, medium durometer (35) rubber provides a high level of versatility for printmaking techniques; harder durometer (50) options are available for processes requiring a harder rubber surface.

Each roller is then equipped with custom-machined, heavy duty aluminum handles, fixed to the core via a finely threaded, precision joint that encourages easy cleaning. Our handheld brayer rollers are fitted with self-lubricating aluminium bushings which are subsequently installed in a powder-coated stainless steel brayer frame providing exceptionally smooth operation.

All Mitomel Printmaking inking rollers and handheld brayers are delivered to the artist in high-quality wooden shipping container with an integrated cradle, which may also be used for studio storage and/or safe transportation of the roller.

Please get in touch for more information and for pricing details. We are typically able offer substantial discounts on inking rollers and brayers when ordered in conjunction with a Mitomel Printmaking etching press.

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